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국제(학술논문지 및 학술발표지)
  1. Fault Localization and Recovery in Crossbar ATM Switch, IEICE
  2. An Hybrid Routing Algorithm for Wireless Mesh Networks, IEEE BTS
  3. Network Management Agent Allocation Scheme in Mesh Networks, IEEE
국내(학술논문지 및 학술발표지)
  1. On Effectiveness of Expanding Ring Search Algorithm in AODV
  2. A Binary Search Tree Algorithm for Fault Localization in the Session Layer in a SDH/SONET Ring

Wireless Mesh Networks Technology
  1. Mesh Network Routing Protocols
  2. Security in Wireless Mesh Networks
Wireless LAN (WLAN)
  1.WLAN Medium Access Control
  2. Security in WLAN
  3. High Speed WLAN