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국제(학술논문지 및 학술발표지)
  1. Weakness of the Synchro-difference LKH scheme for secure multicast, IEEE Communications Letters,
  2. A practical approach of ID-based cryptosystem in ad hoc networks, Wireless Communications and Mobile
     Computing, 2007
  3. An efficient delegation protocol with delegation traceability in the X.509 proxy certificate environment for
     computational grids, Information Sciences, 2008
  4. Improved Batch Exponentiation, Information Processing Letters, 2009
국내(학술논문지 및 학술발표지)
  1. 접근 제어를 위한 반응적 방식의 그룹키 관리 기법, 정보과학회 논문지, 2007

  Reputation-based authentication & access control
  Cryptographic protocols & proxy signature scheme
  Digital Rights Management (DRM) Technology
  Secure Group Communication & group key management