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국제(학술논문지 및 학술발표지)
  1. Voronoi Diagrams for a Transportation Network on the Euclidean Plane
  2. Aperture-Angle and Hausdorff-Approximation of Convex Figures
  3. Constructing Optimal Highways
  4. Optimal Construction of the City Voronoi Diagram
  5. Casting an Object with a Core
  6. Square and Rectangle Covering with Outliers
  7. The geodesic farthest-site Voronoi diagram in a polygonal domain with holes
  8. The Geodesic Diameter of Polygonal Domains
  9. Querying Two Boundary Points for Shortest Paths in a Polygonal Domain
  10. Exact Algorithms for the Bottleneck Steiner Tree Problem
  11. On Exact Solutions to the Euclidean Bottleneck Steiner Tree Problem

Voronoi diagrams
Geometric optimization
- Covering probl
- Geometric facility location
Geometric shortest path
- Path planning
- Shortest-path metric