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국제(학술논문지 및 학술발표지)
  1. Lightweight Fault-tolerance Mechanism for Distributed Mobile Agent-based Monitoring
  2. Novel Gossip-based Multicast Protocol with No Global View Information
  3. Effective Service Replication Mechanisms Exploiting Agent Mobility
국내(학술논문지 및 학술발표지)
  1. Distributed Software Tools for Enhancing Performance of a Mobile Agent-based RFID Reader and
  2. Design of Mobile Agent-based Software Module For Red ucing Load of RFID Middleware

Distributed Computing Technology
  1. Mobile agent system and method of message delivery
  2. Mobile agent system and method of providing service
  3. Method and System for Log Management
RFID Technology
  1. Apparatus and Method for Administrating Distribution
  2. Reliability Improvement Method for RFID Middleware